Wealth Management. It’s Important!

Pensions, mortgages, investments, income protection. To most people, these four items are often the last consideration. However, they are arguably the most important things to personal wealth.

Typically known as wealth management businesses, these organizations’ sole focus is providing its clients with sound financial advice. Often staffed by at least one independent financial advisor (IFA), they may also have specialist advisors that focus on tax, mortgages, pensions, investments and more.

Recently we’ve been printing collateral for www.andersonwm.co.uk. They are a Swindon-based wealth management business with big plans. Family run, they began trading in 2012; since then, they have grown to become one of the UK’s leading financial advice businesses.

I’ve been fortunate to have found these guys pretty early on, even before we started working with them. They’ve been great helping me and a number of staff here at LOBP. I’m not going to turn this post into a plug, but what I can say is that I for one thoroughly recommend them to anyone. It’s worth mentioning at this point that they help both individuals and businesses. Also, if you’re well invested or a financially savvy individual, don’t think that Anderson Wealth Management Can’t help, because it’s very likely that they can.

Joe and his father Daniel are both fully qualified IFAs. There qualifications make them ideally suited to meet anyone’s financial needs. They are both also up to date on the most recent financial trends, products, instruments and services. They even introduced me to a very nice investment project, which has enabled me to leverage my income very well.

Personally, I think a visit to a wealth management business should be on everyone’s yearly schedule… kind of like getting a health check up or servicing a car. After all, we need to be wise with our money, don’t we?

Dirty little secret

Are you forever cleaning? You either love it or you hate it… who are we kidding?? No one likes cleaning, which is good. Yep — good. Why? Because having a cleaner is no longer something reserved for royalty and the super rich.

There are now loads of cleaning companies that provide comprehensive services to suit the needs of the masses. Take bethesda house cleaning service for example. This company is simply one of the best in the Silver Spring area. They leave no pillow unturned, no rug rolled up… you get the picture.What’s great about these little businesses is that their easy to set up, easy to start, require little to no capital AND no prior experience. Lets face it… if you don’t know how to tidy up, then you’re either a student or in a coma… so it’s safe to say anyone could achieve some level of success doing this.

Talking about success… guess what car my cleaner drives. A Porsche! I think I pay him too much. I also think I’m in the wrong job! To be fair to him… he works very hard and has grown his business into what it is today, from nothing. What’s to say you couldn’t do the same… places are always gonna need cleaning. And why limit your self to private residential areas? What about business premises? What about Cars, planes, trains, boats… the list goes on. Basically, if it’s dirty, I’m sure someone willing to pay to have it cleaned is near by.

A word of caution: There are plenty of chemicals involved in cleaning. Remember to always read the instruction, wear glove and protective goggles. We also recommend investing in a recognized health and safety course — don’t cut corners when it comes to looking after yourself and other. Happy cleaning — don’t forget under the bed!

Hunt Motor Advancement

Search engine optimization, everywhere you look, it’s search optimization! Why? It seems the industry is booming at the moment — let’s take a closer look.

So in our experience most SEO businesses tend to focus on Google and you’d be forgiven for wondering why. Is it because of the innovative but adorable name? Let’s face it… Bing? C’mon Mrs Gates, you’ve gotta do better than that. I mean… was that the sound your brain made when you thought of the idea? Or was ‘Bong’ taken? Oh… don’t get me started on Yahoo! What where they thinking? Actually… what is it with search engines and bizarre names? Here’s another — Duck Duck Go. Duck Duck Go…!? Whaaaat? I have two possible explanations: 1) CEO’s of search engine companies take drugs while making executive decisions. 2) CEO’s of said companies hang around the same people who name race horses. 3) … well… i haven’t got a three… NEVER THE LESS you are invited to insert any thoughts you may have here.

Ok — we took a bit of a segue there, back to the task at hand: why Google? Let’s cut to the chase — how does 70-plus percent market share sound? Why are you all looking blank-faced still? <Sigh>. So 70-plus percent of all search traffic goes through Google. Still don’t get it? 70-percent of all potential online customers of ANY business go through Google. So… in other words, if you want more customers for your business… then you’d better get your Google-related house in order!

This brings us squarely back to SEO and its booming industry. He who controls the search engines controls, customers, revenues and a business’ potential to succeed online or otherwise. Has the penny dropped yet? So, if you’re a business owner and you haven’t optimized your site… don’t just sit there — find some consulting services for search engine optimization.

Air, Con or Worth The Money?

Like Little Red Riding Hood, things can be too hot, too cold, or juuuuuust right. Well, instead of porridge think air, and instead of wolves think… ok, so I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

Air conditioning! You want it Acrepairlasvegas.com have it. They’re a great little business actually, very versatile. You just tell them where you want your air conditioning unit and, within reason, they’ll install it. Not ones to turn down work, they will happily work for individuals or business owners on private and/or commercial projects. One of their most interested business exploits… if you could call it that… was to provide cooling for the largest ice cream in the world at the time (i think the record has been broken since). Pretty cool — huh? (See what i did there? Cool… get it?)

Anyway, lest we forget, air conditioning isn’t just about being child like a bottle of fine wine. It also means turning up the heat during those winter months or during those chilly evenings. Yip — you guessed it. Acrepairlasvegas also provide systems that produce heat. They have offices in Alaska and are one of the main service providers for heating services in that state. Obviously this provides work for them all year round, which cant be a bad thing.

Don’t be fooled by the name either as Acrepairlasvegas are an international organization. Their clients include some high-profile people indeed, with them deriving a significant portion of their business from the UAE. Closer to home though, they are Las Vegas’ number one AC company without a shadow of a doubt.When you think about it… does any other business model have such a wide opportunity to earn money. You’re too cold? Call an air conditioning company. What’s that? You’re too hot? Call an air conditioning company.

Dream Homes — They Can Come True

Have you ever seen those programs on the television where they feature custom houses and/or bespoke architecture? You know, like Looking Through Keyhole with Lloyd Grossman. Well, we’ve been lucky enough to have partnered up with a business who does just that!

College Station Custom Home Builders are at the forefront of home fabrication and have been responsible for all but a few of the country’s most striking houses. These guys take what they do seriously — there’s also a real passion behind their work. After all, if you good at something… why not get paid for it. There’s nothing better than running a business you’re passionate about also.

These guys are responsible for the full, end-to-end process. Their clients are free to do as little or as much as they like! Some clients come to them prepared with detailed plans, budgets and timelines; while others simply have a rough idea of what they want to achieve… but rely on the guys and gals at College Station Custom Home Builders to figure out the detail.

Thinking about using these guys to build you a home? That’s fine… but you better have deep pockets. Their expertise and skill comes at considerable cost. Also, they’re not interested in building standard house designs on small, typical plots. These guys are looking for a challenge and usually work on multi-roomed, multi-storied buildings on land that is no less than 100 acres. If these requirements are you, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with CSCHB.

If you’re interested, we also recommend visiting their website to get a feel of their business, what they do, and how they can help you realize your dream home. More business insights next tomorrow, stay tuned for more.

We don’t horse around!

Vets are the new plastic surgeons of the modern era. These guys earn a packet — surprised? You should be.

We’ve worked with a few veterinary practices in recent times and know a thing or two about how best to structure businesses like this. If we haven’t said this before, our first recommendation to earning good money in this industry is to niche down. In fact, this applies to any field of business. Expertise, specialized services/products, you name it. Pick your niche and stick to it. This approach delivers the best rates and usually the highest margins.

One of our clients specializes in horse. Not dogs, not cats or any other four-legged beast… just horses. When you think about it… this is a very smart move! Horses are a serious investment, especially when you consider pedigree and/or race horses. You should now see the value of keeping one’s horse in tip-top shape and the demand placed on finding good and/or specialized horse doctors.

I’ll be honest, it’s hard to get excited about horses and alike… but this client’s case is exceptional and very exciting. They have spotted a gap in the market and have entered a niche within a niche! Very clever, very lucrative. Laminitis is a condition that plagues horses. It is a growing and real concern for horse owners, who will of course pay top dollar to cure their horses of its effects.

Trinity Consultants have developed an industry-first treatment for said condition. This treatment is 100 percent effective, easy to use and is readily available.

We’ve been very busy helping these guys get set up: We’ve set up sales funnels, landing pages, and even worked with them to define the correct price point. As we speak, their product is flying off the shelves! All in another day’s work for use here at LOBP.

Nothing like a hot cup of joe in the mornings

Did you know that coffee is the world’s second most valuable commodity after petroleum? That’s right! So it stands to reason that there a huge market for it. Look around when you’re next out and about. You’ll be hard pressed not to stumble upon a Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero, and/or any number of independent businesses. With an abundance of outlets, can one consider this a good sector to start a business within? We’ve worked with a few independent businesses and, if we’re honest, we think the horse has bolted on this one… so be very careful if you’re thinking of opening a coffee shop.

What makes us so sure? Let’s look at the facts objectively: As we alluded to earlier, there are a number of big names within this industry. This means coffee is available at practically every opportunity for consumers. You may think that you’d be able to provide a superior product to the established companies… and you’re probably right… but does anyone care? Will a brand built on quality, and we mean real objective quality, be able to entice the serious coffee drinker? Would you be able to carve a living out of that niche? Consider this: Does McDonalds make the best burgers in the world? No! In fact… their burgers stink! BUT (and it’s a big but) the average burger eater doesn’t care — it’s that simple. Put another way, if quality superseded branding, there would be an abundance of burger vendors who supplied top-quality, unprocessed, premium burgers… but there aren’t… food for thought.

So in summary, the coffee business is worth billions of dollars globally… but unless you are a major brand, you’re going to struggle. You could focus on a local niche market. If you’ve really got your heart set on starting business in the coffee industry, why not consider business-to-business sales, like Charlotte Coffee Supplier. These guys specialize in equipment, supplies and shop fitting services A much better business to be in, in our humble opinion.

Get fit, not fat. Lose weight, gain pounds (£) in the process

Believe it or not, a few of our business associates are in the health and fitness business — most of them are fitness trainers. As a business model, personal training is more than putting together an exercise program for weight loss — it’s surprisingly unique.

So you want to make a lot of money so that you can enjoy the lifestyle that you want. Being a personal trainer is a very interesting activity, and your customers will love you for it.

Here are some tips for you to make good money in this activity:


To make good money as a personal trainer, you have to build new businesses as much as you can. It means that 10% of your time should be spent building these new businesses, as this will allow you to keep your business alive down the road. So you have to spend 10% of your time at the gym setting appointment, and you should be laser-focused too.


You should manage your customers’ expectations — tell them when you’re busy/unavailable, this is normal. This will allow you to develop an image of a highly-paid trainer that people will love to hire. In addition, you should let your prospects know that you can set up an appointment with one of your teammates. This will allow you to build rapport down the road.

Customer Focus

You should avoid focusing your mind on selling. It means that you should not turn off your clients by sending the wrong image. If you are desperate to generate income, your prospect will not want to hire you at all. Let the prospect know that you really want to help them get in shape, as that’s what they truly want. Take these things into consideration too:
– Create a marketing plan that works.

– Focus on word-of-mouth marketing.

– Use Facebook ads.

– Don’t forget to get your customers in shape

In addition, you can take advantage of SEO, Google AdWords, and YouTube to take your personal trainer business to a whole new level of success.

Keeping Cool In Busines

If you are thinking of starting your very own air-conditioning installation business, it might be a good idea to do a little research and plan ahead. Being a business owner is very tempting; you are your own boss and can work according to your own style. However, it is not empty of risks and chances of failure. Make sure you keep the following points in mind before jumping in:

Do You Have Enough Capital? Lack of cash is the biggest reason most start-ups fail. You need money for a business permit, for renting a shop, buying a vehicle, tools, goods etc. All this can add up to a lot. Additionally, cash is needed to cover yourself in case your trade is not profitable for some time. Work out the basic expenses before you become an air-conditioning business owner.

Be Aware Of The Market Rates As Well As Services Cost: You must know what your competitors are charging for their air-condition installation. Make sure your services are not over-priced. At the same time, it is necessary that you are completely aware of how much your services will cost you, and charge your customers more than that. This is because other than the installation itself, you need money for several other costs like bills, fuel, taxes, repairs etc. Don’t price yourself so low that you soon run out of all money.

Do You Need Employees Yet? In order to save money, do the technical work yourself till you have build up a customer base. You only need another employee when you are getting orders for air-condition installation on a more or less daily basis.

Regular Analysis Is Extremely Important: Even if you hate accounts and finances, this is something you still have to do on a very regular basis if you want your start-up to flourish. Each month, sit down and figure out exactly how much money you made? How much did you spent on services and on other costs? where can you cut costs? Do you need to charge more, or less? How better can you advertise your services? If you keep your eyes open and remain vigilant, you can be successful as an air-conditioning business owner.

Hope you enjoyed this post, our next article is going to focus on Heating and Cooling Des Moines, stay tuned.

In the business of looking good

If you are a business owner (Rhinoplasty surgeons in NC for example) and you bring up the subject of cosmetic surgery business to somebody, you never really know what they’re going to say. For an industry as crucial as it is, it certainly gets plenty of mixed reviews.

There’s no question as to whether or not this kind of operation is a personal choice, and many forget that fact when making judgements on those who have undergone procedures. Many individuals who get cosmetics done do so because they are deeply unhappy with an aspect of their appearance and have thought long and hard about getting treatment before electing to undergo surgery. Some people do it because it is necessary to health. Many are then judged for their choices – which is a shame since judgement is what they wanted to escape in the first place! There’s a lot about the world of cosmetics that people aren’t generally aware of. Many think it is a shallow business populated by blonde and beautiful bimbos who care about little more than how they – and others – look. The truth couldn’t be further from this: thousands who get cosmetic surgery are just everyday people who have become unhappy with their looks to such an extent that their self-confidence and sense of self-worth have diminished. We all have parts of our bodies that we don’t like. For a lot of us, we can deal with it – we can ignore the less good parts enough to concentrate just on the right parts and get on with our lives without much thought. For some, escaping the parts they don’t like is impossible. Imagine having been bullied your entire life because of the shape of your nose. It’s easy to say that it doesn’t matter what others think when you’re not the victim of their jibes, but we all know it’d be a different story were we in the middle of this cruel situation. You would grow up hating your nose.When you got old enough if you could have an operation to make it look better, wouldn’t you? What a business owner does not realise is that this kind of surgery isn’t only a way to deal with the past, but a way for many people to leave it behind and start a fresh new chapter in their lives.

If you’re anti-plastic surgery and have been so only because you think it’s a shallow business, you may consider what you don’t know about the people who undergo operations before making a judgement the next time. You could discover that you change your mind about it all together.

Three Dimensional Printing — Big Business

Check Out This New Business — Pongo Store

If, you’re a specialist designer, or just use 3D models as relaxation then you’ll be particularly aware of how disappointing it can be when prints turn out looking insecure and off kilter. 3D printing is a tricky technique, and there are various components that can incite dodgy prints, yet the standard liable gathering is a weak structure plate.

The impressive identities at Pongo Store have responded to this issue by releasing their exceptional glue. The CubePro Stick Pack goes with two separate follows, which are set up to stop any wobbling from the plate on 3D Systems. A light utilization of glue is all that is required for the prints to stick securely, while leaving a smooth, impeccable prints.Keep your printer stable and secure by buying your special glue stick pack from Pongo Store. Not just are these packs tremendously advantageous for your printer, but at the same time, they’re fabulously moderate. Visit our print supplies page for extraordinary arrangements on other printing supplies today.

If you’re a professional printing business, be sure to take a look at Pongo Store’s professional range. It includes PLA filaments of various colors, lengths, and thicknesses. They also sell ABS filaments, which provide a more durable alternative to their PLA equivalent. Also include a downloadable projects. These can save a lot of time and be used to calibrate printers following their assembly and installation. Finally, there are a range of adhesives that can assist with the creation of complex projects. Be sure to keep them out of the reach of children — should you get any in your eyes or within broken skin, be sure to seek medical advice immediately.

We hope this post was helpful — let us know and happy printing. Remember to stay tuned for more business insights, hints, tips, and best practices.