Dirty little secret

Are you forever cleaning? You either love it or you hate it… who are we kidding?? No one likes cleaning, which is good. Yep — good. Why? Because having a cleaner is no longer something reserved for royalty and the super rich.

There are now loads of cleaning companies that provide comprehensive services to suit the needs of the masses. Take bethesda house cleaning service for example. This company is simply one of the best in the Silver Spring area. They leave no pillow unturned, no rug rolled up… you get the picture.What’s great about these little businesses is that their easy to set up, easy to start, require little to no capital AND no prior experience. Lets face it… if you don’t know how to tidy up, then you’re either a student or in a coma… so it’s safe to say anyone could achieve some level of success doing this.

Talking about success… guess what car my cleaner drives. A Porsche! I think I pay him too much. I also think I’m in the wrong job! To be fair to him… he works very hard and has grown his business into what it is today, from nothing. What’s to say you couldn’t do the same… places are always gonna need cleaning. And why limit your self to private residential areas? What about business premises? What about Cars, planes, trains, boats… the list goes on. Basically, if it’s dirty, I’m sure someone willing to pay to have it cleaned is near by.

A word of caution: There are plenty of chemicals involved in cleaning. Remember to always read the instruction, wear glove and protective goggles. We also recommend investing in a recognized health and safety course — don’t cut corners when it comes to looking after yourself and other. Happy cleaning — don’t forget under the bed!