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Search engine optimization, everywhere you look, it’s search optimization! Why? It seems the industry is booming at the moment — let’s take a closer look.

So in our experience most SEO businesses tend to focus on Google and you’d be forgiven for wondering why. Is it because of the innovative but adorable name? Let’s face it… Bing? C’mon Mrs Gates, you’ve gotta do better than that. I mean… was that the sound your brain made when you thought of the idea? Or was ‘Bong’ taken? Oh… don’t get me started on Yahoo! What where they thinking? Actually… what is it with search engines and bizarre names? Here’s another — Duck Duck Go. Duck Duck Go…!? Whaaaat? I have two possible explanations: 1) CEO’s of search engine companies take drugs while making executive decisions. 2) CEO’s of said companies hang around the same people who name race horses. 3) … well… i haven’t got a three… NEVER THE LESS you are invited to insert any thoughts you may have here.

Ok — we took a bit of a segue there, back to the task at hand: why Google? Let’s cut to the chase — how does 70-plus percent market share sound? Why are you all looking blank-faced still? <Sigh>. So 70-plus percent of all search traffic goes through Google. Still don’t get it? 70-percent of all potential online customers of ANY business go through Google. So… in other words, if you want more customers for your business… then you’d better get your Google-related house in order!

This brings us squarely back to SEO and its booming industry. He who controls the search engines controls, customers, revenues and a business’ potential to succeed online or otherwise. Has the penny dropped yet? So, if you’re a business owner and you haven’t optimized your site… don’t just sit there — find some consulting services for search engine optimization.