Wealth Management. It’s Important!

Pensions, mortgages, investments, income protection. To most people, these four items are often the last consideration. However, they are arguably the most important things to personal wealth.

Typically known as wealth management businesses, these organizations’ sole focus is providing its clients with sound financial advice. Often staffed by at least one independent financial advisor (IFA), they may also have specialist advisors that focus on tax, mortgages, pensions, investments and more.

Recently we’ve been printing collateral for www.andersonwm.co.uk. They are a Swindon-based wealth management business with big plans. Family run, they began trading in 2012; since then, they have grown to become one of the UK’s leading financial advice businesses.

I’ve been fortunate to have found these guys pretty early on, even before we started working with them. They’ve been great helping me and a number of staff here at LOBP. I’m not going to turn this post into a plug, but what I can say is that I for one thoroughly recommend them to anyone. It’s worth mentioning at this point that they help both individuals and businesses. Also, if you’re well invested or a financially savvy individual, don’t think that Anderson Wealth Management Can’t help, because it’s very likely that they can.

Joe and his father Daniel are both fully qualified IFAs. There qualifications make them ideally suited to meet anyone’s financial needs. They are both also up to date on the most recent financial trends, products, instruments and services. They even introduced me to a very nice investment project, which has enabled me to leverage my income very well.

Personally, I think a visit to a wealth management business should be on everyone’s yearly schedule… kind of like getting a health check up or servicing a car. After all, we need to be wise with our money, don’t we?